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Any trial for RBF-FD method? (A method for PDE on irregular region)

Posted 5 months ago
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Today I come across the homepage of Bengt Fornberg (A guy who is frequently mentioned in the document of method of lines) and notice he seems to have been promoting a radial basis function generated finite differences (RBF-FD) method for quite a while. The method, which is said to be suitable for irregular region and strongly related to finite difference method, looks interesting to me. So I wonder if there's any ready-made package or trial for this method using Mathematica? A quick search doesn't show anything interesting.

We are aware of the RBF-FD method and this topic has been internally discussed by the numerics group. The initial tests have been promising. However, as of now there is nothing built-in within NDSolve for using RBF-FD.

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