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Pass starting values in matrix form?

Posted 3 months ago
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Consider the following MWE, where I try to pass starting values to FindDistributionParameters[]:

emptyμ[n_] := Table[Subscript[μf, i], {i, 1, n}];
emptyΣ[n_] := 
  Table[Subscript[σf^(1 + KroneckerDelta[i, j]), 
    Sort[{i, j}]], {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}];
fit = FindDistributionParameters[data, 
    emptyΣ[n], ν]]; (*THIS WORKS*)

I tried to add starting values to FindDistributionParameters[] as:

p = Flatten[{emptyμ[n], emptyΣ[n], ν}]
p0 = Flatten[{Mean[data], Covariance[data], 5}]
start1 = {p, p0}\[Transpose]
start2 = Rule @@@ %
start3 = {emptyμ[n] -> Mean[data], emptyΣ[n] -> Covariance[data] , ν -> 5}

fit = FindDistributionParameters[data, 
    emptyΣ[n], ν], start1(*start2, start3*)]; (*THIS DOESN'T WORK*)

However, nothing works.

Also, is it possible to pass only starting values for one of the required parameters, e.g. start4 = {{ν, 5}}?

3 Replies

Have you tried removing the final semicolon at the end of the last line of code? If I remove it, I get an answer. The semicolon suppresses the display of the output.

Posted 3 months ago

Thanks for your comment, maybe I did not clarify enough: The version without starting values works for me, however, the one that includes "start" does not. Did you test the last line of code?


start1 = {p, p0}\[Transpose]


start1 = DeleteDuplicates[{p, p0}\[Transpose]]

and your code will likely work. What's happening is that the off-diagonal terms are in start1 twice. (You might also need to raise the maximum number of iterations depending on the actual data.)

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