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Is it possible to add numbers to my Mathematica database permanently?

Posted 4 months ago
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Hello community, do not know if my question is real or if I am talking nonsense... My question is the following:

I have a number

  • like the Copeland-ERD number constant for example 0.23571113171923293137414347535961677173798389971...

  • or Khinchin (with 20000 digits or more) 2.68545200106530644530971483548179569382038229399...

and I would like to save in the internal database of my Mathematica permanently in the form of a symbol or as a letter (for example, the letter V?!) so I do not need to manually put the 20000 digits every time and leave my file too large, since putting 20000 digits several times confuses the eyes in the programming. Is this allowed or possible?

(I have not posted the 20000 digits here so this post does not get too big, but any number of digits would already help me to know if this is possible)... is there any way to do this with Mathematica??

Thank you very much to everyone in the community and the creators of Mathematica.

2 Replies

Could use Save or DUmpSave to a file that can be read in with Get. That in turn could go into an initialization so that it happens automatically when you start up.

Posted 4 months ago

Thanks for the information Daniel, I will study these commands and give a try. Bless.

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