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Recreate a composition in Wolfram Tones from the mp3 filename?

Posted 2 years ago
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Can I recreate a composition in Wolfram Tones based on the name of the exported MP3-file? NKM-G-15-55-163873-1-16089-240-120-4-2384-40-0-1-130-1-130-1-130-1-122-1-207-0.mp3 This name contains a description of all parameter settings, 55 refers to the rule type, 163873 refers to rule, 16089 refers to seed aso. Sadly I can't find a scale that corresponds to 2384 and what does NKM, G and 15 stand for? Luckily I saved the mp3-file but I was stupid enough not to save it as a bookmark/favorite in my browser.

Hans Jakob

2 Replies
Posted 6 months ago

This is my file name used for my example.

I will go from left to right.
It stands for "New Kind of Music." It's an analog of NKS—which is derived from the title of Stephen Wolfram's book A New Kind of Science.
G = Generate? it's in the URL /generate/G followed by a long alphanumeric string.
90 = Music Style (90 is "Experimental" 25 is "Ambient")
31 = Rule Type
346296166 = Rule
0 = Cyclic boundaries (0 is unchecked)
17155 = Seed (I don't think there is a value for Height as this changes when the seed is changed)
116 = Duration
116 = Tempo (beats per minute)
4 = Tempo (notes per beat)
2773 = Musical Scale (this is a binary number for the scales selected below it)
For example 2773 = 101011010101 so...
D is on, D# is off, E is on, F is off, F# is on, G is on, G# is off, A is on, A# is off, B is on, C is off, C# is on
This will be "Major" from the dropdown. Just turn on or off the correct ones based on your number and it will auto select the correct name from the dropdown.
50 = Musical Pitch
0 = unknown (this one eluded me)
The next sections are 5 pairs for Instruments and Roles. (1 - 5 is top to bottom)
These do not always correspond with the order in the dropdown.
54 = Instruments 1 (54 is "Voice (Oohs)")
101 = Roles 1 (101 is "Lead - Upper Part")
54 = Instruments 2 (54 is "Voice (Oohs)")
0 = Roles 2 (nothing selected)
54 = Instruments 3 (54 is "Voice (Oohs)")
301 = Roles 3 (301 is "Chords - 1/8 notes")
0 = Instruments 4 (nothing selected)
0 = Roles 4 (nothing selected)
0 = Instruments 5 (nothing selected)
0 = Roles 5 (nothing selected)
This is the last number
301 = Percussion (301 is "Rock 1")
This also does not correspond with the dropdown position of the name, Each section for example "Funk" generally have their own range so you might have to try a few before you get close.

I also saved this song and realized my mistake of not bookmarking the page. Your post started my quest and I hope this helps others with what I found. If anyone can find a better way to find Instruments, Roles and Percussion names based on the values would certainly help.


Posted 5 months ago

Did you get a response?

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