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Recreate a composition in Wolfram Tones from the mp3 filename?

Posted 7 months ago
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Can I recreate a composition in Wolfram Tones based on the name of the exported MP3-file? NKM-G-15-55-163873-1-16089-240-120-4-2384-40-0-1-130-1-130-1-130-1-122-1-207-0.mp3 This name contains a description of all parameter settings, 55 refers to the rule type, 163873 refers to rule, 16089 refers to seed aso. Sadly I can't find a scale that corresponds to 2384 and what does NKM, G and 15 stand for? Luckily I saved the mp3-file but I was stupid enough not to save it as a bookmark/favorite in my browser.

Hans Jakob

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