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Why don't I have the option to create a new .cdf file?

Details in the screenshot:
POSTED BY: Lucas Morales
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Posted 11 years ago
Ah, allright. Thank you for your clarification, David.
POSTED BY: Jort Maas
Nasser's answer is indeed the correct one.  The second screenshot is from Mathematica 8 whereas the first one is from Mathematica 9.

CDF are created by exporting a notebook as the Moderation team mention.  If you want to have a cdf without the original code that creates the various dynamic contents you simply delete that code and then export as CDF. You could create a notebook for this purpose (retaining the original notebook) by copying and pasting the original content into the new notebook and exporting from there afer selecting and deleting all Input cells.

An alternative (and there are many) is to select the input cells and change them to closed cells through the Cell/CellProperties menu.  You can also suppress their cell brackets by using the option inspector as needed.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 11 years ago
I was wondering the same thing. Could it be because I'm using the 'home' version, and that version is somehow limited?
POSTED BY: Jort Maas

I was looking for something like this... when I just export as cdf it includes all of the input, which is something I don't want to be seen in the cdf
POSTED BY: Lucas Morales
Nasser is correct. CDF format is not you are creating something "in", but a format you are exporting "to". Content for CDF is created with Mathematica in a regular notebook.
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
Why not use the CDF export right there in the menu?  That will create a CDF file on your system. CDF file is created when you make a Mathematica notebook and then export it to CDF.
POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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