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Export dataset to WDF file format?

Posted 5 months ago
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I am curious if there is something missing from the documentation related to exporting Dataset objects created from a simple Association. On the documentation page for WDF, it indicates that datasets can be exported and imported in WDF. When I try it, I get a failure.

In[49]:= Export["/Users/matt/test.WDF", dx]

During evaluation of In[49]:= Export::infer: Cannot infer format of file test.WDF.

Out[49]= $Failed

Explicitly adding "WDF" as the export format didn't help either. Then I noticed that WDF was not included in the supported export formats:

In[50]:= $ExportFormats

Out[50]= {"3DS", "ACO", "AIFF", "AU", "AVI", "Base64", "Binary", \
"Bit", "BMP", "BSON", "Byte", "BYU", "BZIP2", "C", "CDF", \
"Character16", "Character8", "Complex128", "Complex256", "Complex64", \
"CSV", "CUR", "DAE", "DICOM", "DIF", "DIMACS", "DOT", "DXF", "EMF", \
"EPS", "ExpressionJSON", "ExpressionML", "FASTA", "FASTQ", "FCS", \
"FITS", "FLAC", "FLV", "FMU", "GeoJSON", "GIF", "Graph6", "Graphlet", \
"GraphML", "GXL", "GZIP", "HarwellBoeing", "HDF", "HDF5", "HTML", \
"HTMLFragment", "HTTPRequest", "HTTPResponse", "ICNS", "ICO", "Ini", \
"Integer128", "Integer16", "Integer24", "Integer32", "Integer64", \
"Integer8", "JavaProperties", "JavaScriptExpression", "JPEG", \
"JPEG2000", "JSON", "JVX", "KML", "LEDA", "List", "LWO", "M4A", \
"MAT", "MathML", "Maya", "MCTT", "MGF", "MIDI", "MO", "MOL", "MOL2", \
"MP3", "MTX", "MX", "MXNet", "NASACDF", "NB", "NetCDF", "NEXUS", \
"NOFF", "OBJ", "OFF", "OGG", "Package", "Pajek", "PBM", "PCX", "PDB", \
"PDF", "PGM", "PHPIni", "PICT", "PLY", "PNG", "PNM", "POV", "PPM", \
"PXR", "PythonExpression", "QuickTime", "RawBitmap", "RawJSON", \
"Real128", "Real32", "Real64", "RIB", "RTF", "SCT", "SDF", "SMA", \
"SND", "Sparse6", "STL", "String", "SurferGrid", "SVG", "SWF", \
"Table", "TAR", "TerminatedString", "TeX", "TeXFragment", "Text", \
"TGA", "TGF", "TIFF", "TSV", "UBJSON", "UnsignedInteger128", \
"UnsignedInteger16", "UnsignedInteger24", "UnsignedInteger32", \
"UnsignedInteger64", "UnsignedInteger8", "UUE", "VideoFrames", \
"VRML", "VTK", "WAV", "Wave64", "WDX", "WebP", "WLNet", "WMLF", \
"WXF", "X3D", "XBM", "XHTML", "XHTMLMathML", "XLS", "XLSX", "XML", \
"XYZ", "ZIP", "ZPR"}

I'm a bit lost - the documentation indicates that WDF is a valid format, but it's not in the list. I'm using Mathematica v11.3 on macOS Mojave.

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I think the “WDF” means something else in Mathematica.

Wolfram Data Framework (wdf)



Posted 5 months ago

That documentation is why I asked. From the linked page:

Exporting WDF
Export — export WDF to a file (.wdf, .wdf.nb, .wdf.json, etc.)

That, along with the discussion of datasets and associations on that page, implies some export functionality that doesn’t seem to work.

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