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Use NetTrain[net,f] to read in a large set of rules (Is there an example?)

Posted 17 days ago
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Hello, Is there an example of using NetTrain[net,f] to read in a large file (1.8 million lines). The file is in text format with lines of the form


. . .

Thank You


6 Replies
Posted 17 days ago

Much easier and faster if each line did not have the , at the end. Strip them off using sed or awk which would be much faster than using Mathematica. Then

$fileStream = OpenRead["data.txt"];
NetTrain[net, ReadList[$fileStream, Expression, 1000]] (* batches of 1000 *)

Training is probably going to take a while with such a large dataset and depending on the complexity of the model. So, if you have not already done so, you should train / test on a random subset of the data.

Michel, I hope this will help if you cannot delete the , at the end.

in = Import["data.txt", "Words"];
f = ToExpression@StringTrim[#, ","] & /@ in

enter image description here

Posted 17 days ago


I assumed Michel is concerned that 1.8M training samples may not fit into available memory and was looking for a solution that loaded samples in smaller batches. Some techniques for dealing with this are documented here.

If that is not an issue then certainly your solution is more straightforward.

Thank You Rohit Namjoshi

What you offered, is what I needed.

Thank You

Thank you Okazaki-san

Very much appreciated this

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 10 days ago

Hello Michel Mesedahl, Greetings of the day I hope all are going well.When i tried to use this code in = Import["data.txt", "Words"]; f = ToExpression@StringTrim[#, ","] & /@ in ,then got the same result.You may try with your code.

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