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Solve the Extended Generalized Bivariate Meijer G Function (EGBMGF)?

Posted 7 months ago
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Hi everyone,

I am currently working on RF/FSO transmission systems. As a solution in the analytic expression, I obtained Extended Generalized Bivariate Meijer G Function (EGBMGF). To my best knowledge, the EGBMGF is not available in standard mathematical packages. How can I solve the problem numerically by using wolfram mathematica? How to calculate EGBMGF in mathematics? I deliver the analytical term of EGBMGF.

enter image description here

4 Replies

Can’t you use the built-in function MeijerG?



Posted 7 months ago

Mr Neil,

There is no built-in MeijerG function for this form of expression. enter image description here

you can evaluate the EGBMG function using the double Mellin-Barness Integral. Check this book for the "two variables meijer G function which is special case of the H-function: N. T. Hai and S. B. Yakubovich, The Double Mellin-Barnes Type Integrals and their Applications to Convolution Theory, World Scientific, Series on Soviet and East European Mathematics, Vol.6}, isbn = {981-02-0690-9}, 1992,

You can also a matlab implementation for special cases in : H. Chergui and M. Benjillali and S. Saoudi, IEEE Commun. Lett.,Performance Analysis of Project-and-Forward Relaying in Mixed {MIMO}-Pinhole and {Rayleigh} Dual-Hop Channel,2016

Posted 5 months ago

Mr Basem ElHalawany, thanks a lot for your suggestions. This book is very helpful. Best regards.

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