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Draw multiple bar chart labels?

Posted 4 months ago
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I am drawing a Bar Chart using this code:

outlabels={"Label1(1-10)", "Label1(11-20)", "Label1(21-30)"};chartouttable={{1, 1, 1}, {2, 3, 2}, {1, 1, 1}};BarChart3D[chartouttable, ChartLayout -> "Grid", 
 ChartLabels -> Placed[outlabels, Center]]

And I get: enter image description here

  1. The problem is that each label is on there three times. I know that I can put them on the Axis to only show them once but I want them on the side of the first series and vertical if possible and only once. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Also, I would like to add labels to the series axis but can't figure how to. How can that be done?
Posted 4 months ago

A little closer to what you want.

BarChart3D[chartouttable, ChartLayout -> "Grid", 
 ChartLabels -> {Table[Style[x, 12, Bold, Blue], {x, 1, 3}], 
   Style[#, 12, Bold, Blue] & /@ outlabels}, ViewPoint -> {3, -10, 7}]

enter image description here

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