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Collaboration Request: Checker-like 2D Simulation following rules.

Posted 2 years ago
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I'd like to build a framework, where self-growing simulations can be done on a checkerboard that allows for element sizes different from 1. Been building it for 1 month now (more visually oriented guy here), but the complexity of the algorythms I come up with always gets to me.

I'd like it to work in Mathematica Home Desktop. I own a license.

Abilities to set are: size of the board, list of different sizes of elements to use. The elements should be placed such that they only touch corners and never overlap.

It has proven so hard for me to come up with an elegant and fast, scaleable approach that I would welcome any hints or aid. I have a brute-force solution that does what I want I can share on request.

Hope you find the time to write back and see if we can cook something up.

All the best, Mark

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