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Solve differential equation system for HIV treatment model?

Posted 6 months ago
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Dear All,

I was working on a project about optimal strategies for HIV treatment, models used from [Butler, Kirschner, and Lenhart] 1997. This model explains the spread of HIV viruses in the human body, where there is one control function u(t).

Model for HIV Treatment

My work is following pontryagin maximum principle. But i have a problem solving the differential equation system, where there are 6 differential equations with 6 initial conditions. Here i use software Mathematica 11 when I execute the code there is no error that appears and he just returning DSolve code that i write.

DSolve[{eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4, eq5, eq6, T[0] == 800, Ti[0] == 0.04, 
  V[0] == 1.5, l1[20] == 0, l2[20] == 0, l3[20] == 0}, {l1[t], l2[t], 
  l3[t], T[t], Ti[t], V[t]}, t]

I cannot guarantee that the analytical solution exists, but is there something wrong with code I wrote? Or is there an alternative solution to complete the differential equation system?

I hope you are pleased to check the file that I attached.

Many thanks .


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