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Does Mathematica work properly on OSX Mavericks?

Posted 11 years ago
The reason why I am asking is the following: Some days ago I've upgraded my IMac to Mavericks. 30 minutes ago I've tried to launch my Mathematica 9 which welcomed me with Product Activation screen. Strange, the product was activated long time ago and was working flowlessly until the upgrade to Mavericks. 

Online activation failed with the following error message (image): 

The manual activation attempt was similarly disappointing (image): 

Wolfram Research contacted (web page popped up after click on the link in the error message). Now looking at my mail and clicking refresh button now and then...

 Does it mean I need to roll back to the previous OSX? 

Many thanks, 
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Did your $MachineID change during the OS upgrade? I'd suggest contacting Customer Service to reset your activation key and then try again.
POSTED BY: Peter Fleck
It has been working fine on my system and I have not seen other threads that indicate a problem in general.  Hope your case gets fixed quickly.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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