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Set time limit on Mathematica Online?

Posted 6 months ago
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How can I change the time limit for a Mathematica Online computation only for one expression? How can I view the current time limit?

In this case there's no options for "online kernel" in Format->Options Inspector (most things in there can be specified in a cell or by editing an .m or .nb somewhere)

However there are many options for limiting time for an expression - and if "online" evaluates an expression for you it's going to use a Mathematica kernel to do so - meaning it will also evaluate the limit (and honor) on the express

See also: Help: tutorial/EvaluationOfExpressionsOverview

See also: Help: guide/GlobalComputationSettingsAndParameters

Hope that helps

Btw, I have no idea if you are sure when or when you aren't using a (cloud kernel / online kernel) - I only assume you this is something you already have control of

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