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Avoid CDF export issue?

Posted 3 years ago
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I am a new user. I have Mathematica 11.3 student edition (on two computers win 10) I have found mathematica very powerful but there is a problem I can find no information about, actually two but probably related and it occurs on both computers

  1. Even using the built in "Equal Time Curve" Example Demonstration , and any I make: saving as a a cdf then opening that with Mathematica, simply shows a non editable version of the note book file and it does not execute the Manipulate section. a cdf downloaded from the demonstration site on the web web does work as expected, however taking its source code as a note book and converting to cdf on my computer has the same incorrect effect

  2. The file menu does have a "CDF Preview" item but does not have a "CDF Export" item (image below) which I see used in the tutorial videos

What is it that I am missing?

Mathematica menu

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