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How do I interpret a "repeating decimal" result in WolframAlpha?

Posted 6 months ago
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I entered


in the search box of WolframAlpha, and it uses the term "Repeating decimal" in the outcome


I don't see what the point of this is.

3 Replies

Probably just a pod that for some reason was given an importance score higher than it warranted. the other ones all seem useful though.

I am clueless about Wolfram Alpha.

One auto "tie or answer" is better than none don't you think? WA is not meant to be a free online Mathematica notebook, that is. Was there a result that should have come higher?

Also note $MachinePrecision may be involved and with that, a rounding rule you might need to know of.

do you see my icon beside my name? it's two "very thick" parallel lines viewed from above going off into the distance. the distance is so far rounding errors occur and the result is what you see. the cause is the type "sampling" the algo does.

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