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Make an interactive map of the byzantine empire through the years?

Posted 5 months ago
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So, basically I want to make a map of the byzantine empire through the years. I think that I need to manipulate a ton of photos and control when which photo pops up. The thing is I dont understand how to code that or how to make the pictures melt together for smooth viewing, but the melt thing is a bit over board so I just need a ton of photos. I think?

6 Replies
Posted 5 months ago

Rather than photos, maybe you can use historical entity information in WL.

DateValue[Entity["HistoricalCountry", "ByzantineEmpire"][#], "Year"] & /@ {"StartDate", "EndDate"}
(* {395, 1453} *)

Empire and country borders in the year 500

    Dated[Entity["HistoricalCountry", "ByzantineEmpire"], 
 GeoBackground -> {"CountryBorders", DateObject[{500}]}]

You try using Table to generate a list of GeoGraphics for a range of years and Export them to AVI or GIF.

enter image description here

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you very much! You have helped a ton. I will try to show you the end result when I finish!

Posted 5 months ago

Yes! thank you, this helps a lot. I am finally nearing the end of this project!

Posted 5 months ago

Hi Denis,

Looking forward to seeing the end result of your project.

Spoiler alert

I came across this. If you get stuck you may want to look at it.

Posted 5 months ago

Really though, thank you very much for this information I really appreciate it.

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you so much I had a little delay, but I have finally finished it. Also, many thanks for the spoiler :)

historicalCountryAnimate["ByzantineEmpire", 100, 
 GeoRange -> {{20, 60}, {-05, 50}}]
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