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Perform a stepwise regression to reduce number of variables in a model?

Posted 3 months ago
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This may be a very basic question but is there a way to do stepwise regression or backwards/forwards approaches in Mathematica to reduce the number of variables in a multivariate linear regression model? I know its built into other software packages (MiniTab, MatLab even Excel) and I thought it was a basic standard procedure in statistical analysis, i.e. build a model and then eliminate the variables that arent significant to produce the most useful model. But in searching around, I dont see any commands to do this in Mathematica.

Given how powerful the software is, and I just missing it? Seems like something very commonly done so would have been built in to the system.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. And also, is there any way to search questions? I am not seeing a search box to look for specific previously asked questions to see if that have already been answered.

Posted 2 months ago

You can search for topics here:

Search stepwise regression And you will find the following link:

Perform stepwise regression

Please check whether the information referenced by the link will provide the answer to your question.

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