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Create a sound dynamic frequency recall function?

Posted 6 months ago
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Good evening, I would like to know if there is a method to call upon the frequency of an audio clip at a given time for instance at 0:34 second the frequency is x ;

But to do this live meaning as long as said clip is playing these numbers update;

The purpose is to use this output in another equation where for instance if the frequency > x then some condition is applied

soundms = AudioLocalMeasurements[audio, {"MFCC", "Loudness"}, Association, PartitionGranularity -> Quantity[1./30., "Seconds"]];length = QuantityMagnitude@Round@UnitConvert[Quantity[Duration[audio]], "seconds"] - 2; Manipulate[soundms["MFCC"][Range[1, length]][[All, 1]][[i]], {i, 1, length, 1}]

where "audio" is the audio file

this code simply exports loudness and mfcc of the audio file in a list of one dight per second of that audio clip

is there a way to run the audio clip and get that frequency updated as in,

frequency:= "the frequency of the clip at this second"

so that when i recall that variable in any time the clip is running i get the frequency at that given moment?

As well as playing that clip while the simulation is running where the movements of some variables is dependent on the frequency of the clip in any instance.

I apologize for the mess.

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