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Qubase: a database experiment - remote consultant needed

Posted 2 years ago
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I plan to write a research proposal/paper on what I have been calling Qubase. It's a proposed database using all the lessons learned from relational databases and partially inspired by quantum theory (though intended for classical computers). Qubase is intended to use a spherical coordinate system and abstract spatial connections and functions to describe relations between objects, rather than keyed tabular data. The project stems from my inability to understand relational algebra but my mild ability to understand calculus (lol). Instead of cartesian products, unions, and similar algebraic results, I propose to respond to queries as spherical or arbitrary spatial volumes of result sets. Among other benefits, this would seem to make visualization and network analysis-type tasks very straightforward. I want to model all of it in Mathematica. I have not put pen to paper yet, but these are concepts I have been thinking about for months and they are coalescing into an idea that I think may be conceptually possible. Definitely will need a consultant who is familiar with the current state of the art and other areas.

Looking for an hourly consulting expert in Mathematica who has an interest in databases, data structures, and calculus. Thanks.

3 Replies

Spherical volumes implies a distance function, which means you will need a way to embed data in some format that supports such a function. If it is particularly "nice" e.g. Euclidean space, then the Nearest function will make things straightforward. Regardless, what you will need to avoid is a brute-force search.

I realize this is all quite vague, just wanted to suggest a possible direction.

Hi, perhaps you will find that this old project of mine in Mathematica and OrientDB is related to your research.

My speech at European Wolfram Technology Conference 2017 about a new data modeling framework R3DM/S3DM that is implemented on top of OrientDB graph database and coded in Wolfram Mathematica

enter image description here

Dear @Athanassios Hatzis, thank you for your contributions! Your LinkedIn link you posted is not public and did not open for many users. We replaced it with your original video source.

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