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What aren't all Wolfram Blogs posts available as downloadable notebooks?

Posted 3 months ago
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It's frustrating and annoying when one reads a post to the Wolfram Blog ( containing a lot of code when that code is included merely in the form of graphic images and the post is apparently not available as a downloadable notebook.

What can be done to prod Wolfram into ensuring that Blog authors include a prominent button for downloading the post as a notebook? (Or, at the very least, allow double-clicking a displayed image of code that causes the corresponding text to be copied, so that it can be pasted into a local notebook?)

The lastest instance that engenered my question is the Wolfram Blog post .

3 Replies

We usually post all our blogs with a click-to-copy feature for easily trying the code in a notebook alongside. This has not been done yet for our latest post because it features some v12-dependent examples. Both click-to-copy and downloadable notebook will be added as that release becomes available. There might be a few other v12 preview posts coming with the same issue, we'll look at posting a notice about this with them, thanks.

Web browsers and fonts don't mix well - mathml and latex do not cover the need like (pdf would, but html is not pdf, and browsers aren't adobe viewer), unicode is, well complicated and "on hold". some kinds of fonts can contain virus. and fonts are copyrighted. font servers can be corrupt. and that doesn't cover internationalization yet. it was all perfectly working until web browsers came to into existence imho ! :)

I think it's very unlikely web browsers will do a good job in the thinkable future of rendering special fonts: they (the web browser makers) have no motivation to get it done.

The browser would have to allow (Mathematica) to cut in and render the cells (they can, but it's allot of development overhead on all patforms to do it). MM front end can get browse notebooks on the internet like a browser but there is no server that serves the forum to browse in that form. (and i'm unsure people would prefer it)

Hope that helps. I hope I'm wrong!

Sorry, I don't see the relevance of that reply. A number of past blog articles have been made available in Mathematica notebook form through an included link. And if memory serves me correctly in some blog articles, if you double-clicked on an included image of code, it produced a pop-up window containing a pure text snippet that you could directly paste into your own Mathematica notebook.

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