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[Wolfram U] Applying Neural Networks Webinar Series

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This free webinar series will cover neural network applications in three topic areas:

February 6 - Computer Vision and Deep Learning

February 20 - Computational Audio Processing

March 6 - Natural Language Processing

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Take a deep dive into the workflows for building, training and evaluating neural networks. See how you can use custom neural net models to solve complex processing tasks involving image, audio and natural language data. Our developers will give hands-on demonstrations, showing real-world applications using new Wolfram Language functionality and improved neural net models in each subject area.

The webinar series will show you how to:

  • Use built-in neural net functions in the Wolfram Language
  • Download and customize pretrained models from the Neural Network Repository
  • Build and train a neural net model from scratch
  • Apply the models to real-world problems in computer vision, audio processing and natural language processing.
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