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Make a contour plot for a normalized concentration field?

Posted 5 months ago
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I'm trying to plot a normalized concentration field as a two dimensional contour for a given diffusion time of 1 second. Instead of getting a meaningful plot my output is a blue square.

!contour functionAny help would be greatly appreciated.

4 Replies

What do you mean by "normalized"

Your factor is

In[76]:= nn = 1/(12.  3.14  10^-8)

Out[76]= 2.65393*10^6

with this I get

In[80]:= Exp[-(((x - 5)^2 - 1)/nn)] /. x -> 0
Exp[-(((x - 5)^2 - 1)/nn)] /. x -> 25

Out[80]= 0.999991

Out[81]= 0.99985

Seems your expression is virtually constant, so, no contours

Posted 5 months ago

Hello, I rewrote my equation using different Mathematica syntax (Exp[] instead of using E^2) and was able to get contour lines. However, I anticipated a significantly different pattern. By normalized I was just referring to the diffusion in my system as steady state. contour plot

you can see my Mathematica input/output as well as the contour plot I should have created below.enter image description here

Ok. But without detailed information about what you are doing it is not possible to give a reasonable answer.

And: look at the rules. Don't paste pics, but code.

Welcome to Wolfram Community! Please make sure you know the rules:

The rules explain how to format your code properly. If you do not format code, it may become corrupted and useless to other members. Please EDIT your post and make sure code blocks start on a new paragraph and look framed and colored like this.

int = Integrate[1/(x^3 - 1), x];
Map[Framed, int, Infinity]

enter image description here

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