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Count the number of orbits from this Orbit Data?

Posted 5 months ago
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enter image description here

If the y-axis in the image corresponds to MLT, and we are looking at a number of orbits. How do you interpret the way the lines are with respect to an orbit?

If I zoom in closer:

enter image description here

My loop double counts the number of orbits because of this issue.

I need to be able to cut it off as appropriate and there is alot of data.

orbitStarts = {};
orbitEnds = {};
inOrbit = False;
sd2T = Transpose[sd2];
For[i = 1, i <= Length[sd2[[1]]], i++,
  sdtemp = sd2T[[i]];
  If[sdtemp[[2]] >= 40 && 
    sdtemp[[2]] <= 80 && (sdtemp[[3]] >= 18 || sdtemp[[3]] <= 6),
   If[inOrbit, Continue,
     inOrbit = True;
     AppendTo[orbitStarts, i];];
   , If[inOrbit, inOrbit = False; AppendTo[orbitEnds, i];, Continue]];

If[inOrbit, inOrbit = False; AppendTo[orbitEnds, i];];

The condition in the loop filters for lat 40<x<80 and nightside MLT 18 hr < x < 6 hr.

One could use a median on the filter, to check the last 10 data points before actually ending an orbit. Is this the best approach?

What do you recommend?

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