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Avoid a syntax error while calculating jet velocities?

Posted 5 months ago
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I keep receiving this syntax error. Anyone have an idea as to why?


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WolframLanguage has a units framework! Try e.g.:

c = EntityValue[Entity["PhysicalConstant", "SpeedOfLight"], "Value"];
speedF35 = Quantity[1200, "Miles"/"Hours"];

Maybe there are some more problems with your code, but I cannot try, because you posted just a picture of code.

gamma[beta_] := 1/Sqrt[1 - beta^2]
c = 299792458 ; (*speed of light, m/s*)
Mile = 1600 ;(*Meter*)
Hour = 3600 ;(*Second*)
speedF35 = 1200.*Mile/Hour;
betaF35 = speedF35/c;
gammaF35 = gamma[betaF35];
SetOptions[SelectedNotebook[], PrintPrecision -> 30]
Print["Speed of F35 = ", speedF35, " m/s"]
Print["beta of F35 = ", betaF35]
Print["Lorentz factor of F35 = ", gammaF35]

Speed of F35 = 533.3333333333333 m/s

beta of F35 = 1.7790085077234774*10^-6

Lorentz factor of F35 = 1.0000000000015825

Please post actual code rather than images thereof (can use the image to show the error message). Also indicate what you have tried in order to debug the problem.

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