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A new site for sharing articles about Mathematica

Posted 5 months ago
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Having been involved in the Mathematica Stack Exchange community for many years, there was one thing that I felt was sorely missing; a place to share Mathematica tutorials. Mathematica Stack Exchange, as you know, follows strictly the Q&A format.

I have now finally sat down and created the website that I wanted:

Please go there and check out the articles that I've published so far, such as this one about domain decomposition.

It is possible for anyone to publish their articles on this website.

I think of it as a community project:

  • Together we can create an awesome collection of articles that will reach this community and beyond
  • Your articles will look great on Wolfram Language Reviews (just have a look), they will be something that you'll want to share.
  • I take care of all the web hosting business.
  • You retain the copyright of your articles and may withdraw them at any time or publish them elsewhere, should you feel that Wolfram Language Reviews is not enough.

You can read more about publishing on Wolfram Language Reviews here.

As I said, I have thought about creating a website like this for quite some time. Hopefully, some of you have also felt that this was needed. Please ask any questions that you have. You can also reach me at

Thank you for reading!

12 Replies

Gratitude is in order. Very nice.

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you.

I bookmarked your site. If you know about my work on the MRB constant, and would like me to add anything about it, let me know.

Posted 5 months ago

I just looked it up on Wikipedia, very cool! It would be great if you would be willing to write something about it.

Nice site. Thanks!

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you

Posted 5 months ago

Looks very nice!

Posted 5 months ago

Thank you!

I think this is a great idea. In the digital humanities community, a similar site, the Programming Historian has become very successful. So much so, that it's now being translated into Spanish and French.

Something you might want to carry over from them is the beginner, intermediate, advanced distinction. Beginner material, for example, could include granular explanations of the code being used while advanced level tutorials wouldn't need it at all. And of course the same topic could be presented at different levels.

You might want to ask Bill Turkel if he'd be interested in having some content from his Digital Research Methods with Mathematica undergraduate textbook be brought over to your site. It's already open access.

Posted 5 months ago

Great website, I will take this into consideration.

i like it. the article titles are a little large on a 1080p monitor. but pleasant and nice graphics.

pleasant to use and enjoyed the article i looked at.

there seems to be few articles as yet (you've seen eric weinstien's site no doubt, which he developed over years of adding articles to develop a veritable library)

Posted 5 months ago

I've seen it, I'm not going to surpass Eric Weisstein in the number of articles any time soon ;)

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