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Use ParametricPlot to show the results of NDSolve?

Posted 3 months ago
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Im trying to show the results of NdSolve by using Parametric Plot.These are pendulum equations and I want to get phase-space trajectories of this system. For small angles like Pi/5 i should get a circle.Here is my code

pend[\[Theta]0, \[Omega]0, \[Gamma], \[CurlyPhi]0, \[Omega]D, T] := 
  NDSolve[{\[Theta]'[t] == \[Omega][t], \[Omega]'[
      t] == -\[Gamma]\[Omega][t] - 
      Sin[\[Theta][t]] + \[CurlyPhi]0 Cos[\[Alpha][t]], \[Alpha]'[
      t] == \[Omega]D, \[Theta][0] == \[Theta]0, \[Omega][
      0] == \[Omega]0, \[Alpha][0] == 
     0}, {\[Theta], \[Omega], \[Alpha]}, {t, 0, T}];

sol1 = pend[Pi/5, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100];
 Evaluate[{{\[Theta][t], \[Omega][t]} /. sol1}], {t, 0, 30}, 
 PlotRange -> All, Frame -> True]

I keep getting the error message that the result of NDSolve " is neither a list of replacement rules nor a valid dispatch table, so cannot be used for replacing". I don't know how to fix it. I would appreciate your help very much.

2 Replies

First of all, you should add the underscores in the function definition:

pend[\[Theta]0_, \[Omega]0_, \[Gamma]_, \[CurlyPhi]0_, \[Omega]D_, T_]

Then you should insert a space or a multiplication sign between the two letters \[Gamma]\[Omega]. You also may consider using NDSolveValue instead of NDSolve, to get a simpler syntax.

Thank you for your comment.Now everything works perfectly.

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