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Integrate a W|A widget on a wordpress site?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi all,

I have a naive and simple question. Please, help, who knows anything. Seems like I am doing something wrong.

I created a widget which would provide a calculation of calories during walking with a given speed (running etc. - wanted to extend it to swimming and other activities and use all power of WA). Basic request:

walking distance:4 km, speed:5 km/h,gender: female,
age:35yo, body weight:60kg, height:165 cm

It works perfectly at the WA site. It computes MET factor, which I need and provide all necessary info.

OK, I published widget, it works (if I am not mistaking).

Next, I took the code, put it into my wordpress site.

i) Now it provide empty screen! ii) At mobile devices it does not work at all.

Initially it works (at desktop). Then stoped.

I understand that widgets are beta version (which year? tenth? :) ), and we can not expect more from the abandoned and useless for many people service. But maybe I am doing something wrong and everything works perfectly?

Any ideas, please.

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