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Create a table within a while loop in Mathematica?

Posted 3 months ago
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So I am working on a code for Newton's method. I have the newton's method down, but I cannot get the results in a table format. I attached a screenshot of my code and the output to this post. I am able to print out the results, each iteration, the x value, the f(x), and the difference between my current and previous x's. However, I am trying to create a table, and so forth till my loop ends, like this:

i x f(x) Abs[] 1 value value value 2 value value value 3 ..... enter image description here I know I get three separate lists, but what is the command that I need to put it in 3-tuples, like {{x, y, z, t}, {x, y, x, t}...} so that I can create my table. I tried using AppendTo, by creating an empty list and appending values to the list, but that does not work. If anyone can help, I would immensely appreciate it!

Thank you!

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I would do it with NestWhileList:

f[x_] := x*Exp[-x] - 0.16064;
newt[x_] := x - f[x]/f'[x];
values = NestWhileList[newt, 3, Abs[#1 - #2] > 10^(-5) &, 2, 100]
Grid[Transpose[{Range[Length[values] - 1], Rest[values], 

I'll ignore using nest, you can add that later.

First you want to remove the semicolon and print so that {i,xn,f(xn),abs(xn-xn-1)} is the last statement in the loop before last right bracket. By doing so the Block will exit with the statement as Out[]. Also, you can use Table instead of While: avoid While.

Now you have a block exit with a list of lists. {{list},{list},...} which can be accessed with Part[list,spec].

You can re-arrange the list with Partition[list,spec] if you need it in a different grouping.

Posted 3 months ago

I think I know what you are talking about, but I thought you need while though. While you have a set number of iterations do so and so. I read about Newton's Method. I will try what you said, but can AppendTo work? My professor said to create an empty list and append what I have in the loop to the list. I tried doing that, but I got nothing.

Grid is a text formatting function. It would be better if you "do your math" first then provide the result as as input to Grid (rather than attempting math inside Grid[do my math]). You'll find many Mathematica functions may not do math the same within their args because there are things like "argument holding".

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