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Can not find other server in Lightweight Grid Manager

i have installed and activated the grid server on two machines, but both show only the localhost on the left panel (servers).

In the manuals of Wolfram is described, that they would find others by using service discovery. I assume that the service doesn't work properly, because some ports/services are blocked (i.e. it is not possible to ping the PCs of our workgroup).

As far as i understood, i need the server to use the Kernels of them or did i a mistake?

Is there a command to add a server manually?
Maybe i could talk to the network admin, but i dont know how the service discover works.

POSTED BY: Timo Altfelde
2 Replies
Thank you very much!

It seems that the Win7-firewall was blocking the communication. Courisly i had to wait about an half an hour after deactivating the wall, to see both machines at the interface. So i hasty excluded this part at first.

Also i was able to acces the webinterfaces by using port 3737, whithout adapting the firewall.
POSTED BY: Timo Altfelde
The lightweight grid manager needs to use port 3737. That means that you need to be able to communicate with that port from the machine you wish to acquire additional kernels for. When I set this up on Windows 8.1,  I had to add a special rule to Windows Defender allowing incoming and outgoing access to that port. Also, if the computers can't "see" each other on a network, then there is no way for communication to get from one to the other for the lightweight gridmanager. I would strongly suggest going through the installation and troubleshooting sections of

as well.
POSTED BY: Jason Grigsby
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