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Posted 11 years ago
I try to use webMathematica on a VPS. It doesn't work fine. Kernel Monitor tell «TIMELIMIT» Error Type. I don't know how to do for solving this error. Can Somebody help me?
3 Replies
Thank you Bruce,

I am not a specialist for the configuration and a specialist told me :

Hey Bernard,
Having been unable to get this working for you I've highlighted the issue to the Technical Support manager. Unfortunately setting up and maintaining this script/application falls outside the scope of our support for a dedicated or virtual dedicated server.
I've tried tweaking the Tomcat timeout values and some other timeout related settings and the error is still happening.
In addition to this I've setup Xterm and tried to link this to the install and again it doesn't appear to have resolved the issue.
Due to the nature of the application I'd suggest possibly hiring a WebMathematica expert to look into this setup.
Thank you,
I don't understand why some examples are OK (like Expanding Polynomials and Live 3D Plotting) and others don't work (Plot Example).

Is there anyting false in the configuration? Thank's for your help.
Does Mathematica by itself work on the computer?  (Try running it when logged in as the
same user who runs the servelet container - tomcat, for example.) 

Does the servelet container run properly?

under Installation and Troubleshooting. My suspicion is that a configuration setting was missed.  See .
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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