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Fix graphics from Demo "Isotope Browser" (no graphics output)

Posted 2 years ago
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The Wolfram Demonstration “Isotope Browser” presumably was used for the beautiful white-on-black bitmap decay chains available at Alas, having downloaded and run the Notebook IsotopeBrowser-author.nb (AND the .cdf document AND its author code) I find that no graphics (such as those at ) are produced. Instead, where I'd expect the graphic to be appears a boxed region with Show[LayeredGraphPlot... I include a screen grab: no code has been changed.

enter image description here

It appears plausible that something has changed since March 2011 (time stamp on the Demo); its author Dr. Yifan Hu is no longer at Wolfram. I'm using on a Mac, but have the same problem with the latest Wolfram CDF Player app (which I hear is no longer supported anyway), and with on Linux. I am trying to bust up the Manipulate loop into executable lumps and will attempt to identify the problem and post.

Can someone else confirm this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks!

2 Replies

It looks like there have been changes to a couple of the outputs from IsotopeData since this demonstration was written. First is that various properties like "DaughterNuclides" now return entities instead of strings,

enter image description here

Previously that would have returned {"Bismuth210", "Mercury206"}. So many of the auxilliary functions used in this demonstration are defined like DaughterNuclides[ name_String] := ... and just don't fire with the updated function.

The other issue I found is that properties like "HalfLife" that used to return just a number, now return Quantity objects. Use QuantityMagnitude where these properties are queried.

I tested the notebook I'm attaching in version 11.3 and it seems to work.

enter image description here


I'm stunned by how quickly you identified and fixed the problem.
I urge you to submit your revisions to those who maintain the Wolfram Demos.

I cannot thank you enough!--DMW

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