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Career Opportunity - Employee Coach [Part-Time]

Posted 3 years ago
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Wolfram, creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language, has an exciting part-time opportunity for an Employee Coach.

This position will be interacting with all employees and their managers in a process designed to help optimize their organizational effectiveness and personal productivity. It requires a people person who can uncover potential issues, concerns or obstacles. The goal is to strengthen employee abilities and knowledge, increase efficiency and improve leadership to maintain the overall health of the organization.


Top-notch listening and communication skills Excellent critical thinking skills Experience with training, mentoring or counseling or as a job coach Experience working in a diverse culture Ability to keep good records Understanding of organizational development

Location: Champaign, Illinois

Wolfram is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at its company. Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

POSTED BY: Hannah Malic
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