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Use Hyperlink[] for program control in a notebook?

Posted 3 months ago
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Problem jumping and executing operations with the Hyperlink function in a Mathematica notebook

I am trying to have buttons that direct program operation to specific locations in my program, like "Collect Data", "Calibrate Transducers", "Enter Meta Data" and "Generate Experimental Report". I would like to do this without having to run all the program every time. The following notebook below is a failed attempt to simulate a smaller and similar problem --- assuming that using Hyperlink[] is the correct method to accomplish this end.

See the attached notebook for a simplified version of the problem I am hav

2 Replies
Posted 3 months ago


The attached notebook has a fix for your problem no. 2: enter image description here



thank you very much for your suggestion. It does work well in directing the selection tool to the correct cell. It is still not clear why the Hyperlink[] command does not do the job? If we could figure out how to group, select the required cells, and the run them. We would have a usual command. I am surprised that this problem or necessity has not come up before in the Wolfram Language. I am probably missing something subtle or esoteric in the language. Maybe someone at Wolfram knows how to:

  1. Jump to a group of cells;
  2. Select them;
  3. Run the selected cell;
  4. Then stop execution;
  5. Option to return to the main controlling menu.

thanks again, Hans. Let me know if you have any more inspirations on this problem.


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