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Unexpected Behaviour with GeoBubbleChart and GeoRange

Posted 3 months ago
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I have a GeoBubbleChart and I am trying to "zoom in" into a specific region with GeoRange. The result is unexpected and potentially reflects a bug.

Here is an example. First let's see the expected behaviour in GeoListPlot. Consider this graph:

plotDat = EntityValue[RandomEntity["Country", 100], EntityProperty["Country", "Position"]];

which gives

global GeoListPlot

Now let's zoom into Europe:

GeoListPlot[plotDat, GeoRange -> {{35, 60}, {-10, 40}}]

which works nicely:


Now let's try the same with GeoBubbleChart:

plotDat2 = Table[p -> RandomReal[], {p, plotDat}];

which gives


and let's try to zoom in:

GeoBubbleChart[plotDat2, GeoRange -> {{35, 60}, {-10, 40}}]

which runs weirdly long and unexpectedly gives:


This is definitely unexpected and probably a bug, right?

OK, this bug seems to have been partially fixed with Version 12.0. Now the GeoRange Option seems to work correctly, although strangely the Bubble Sizes are not rescaled. So with the commands above I now get

GeoBubbleChart[plotDat2, GeoRange -> {{35, 60}, {-10, 40}}]

enter image description here

I can sort of fix it using BubbleSizes:

GeoBubbleChart[plotDat2, GeoRange -> {{35, 60}, {-10, 40}}, 
 BubbleSizes -> Tiny]

enter image description here

although the bubbles are now ovals due to the different map projection. I still consider this a bug, or at least unexpected behaviour. I think the default should be that when zooming into a GeoRange, all bubble sizes should be rescaled and redrawn for that particular map section. Anyway, definitely improved compared to V11.3.

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