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[✓] Include "Authorization: Bearer ..." in a URL execute?

Posted 1 month ago
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I am trying to access the Asana api. In order to do that I need to send http requests of the form

https://api end point "Authorization: Bearer 0/123456789abcdef"

I have tried setting Authetication -> <|"Authorization" -> Bearer... |> but that just brings up the asana sign in box. I also tried "Headers" -> "Authorization: Bearer..." |> but that throws the error

HTTPRequest::nvldheaders: -- Message text not found -- (Join[{user-agent->Wolfram HTTPClient 12.},Authorization: Bearer ...

What is the correct way to include the Authorization header request in the message?

4 Replies
Posted 1 month ago


HTTP headers have to be passed as a list. Try this

HTTPRequest[API_ENDPOINT_URL, <|"Headers" = {"Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"}|>]
Posted 1 month ago

Thanks for your suggestion, sadly I am still doing something wrong.

This curl command works correctly curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 0/123456789abcdef"

I am trying to reproduce that in WL. My current attempt is: header = <|"Headers" -> {"Authorization: Bearer 0/123456789abcdef"}|> URLExecute["", header]

Can you see anything wrong with my code, and also is there a way to get Mathematica to show me exactly what it is sending to Asana?


The format for a curl command of

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 0/123456789abcdef"

should be

  "url goes here", <|
   Method -> "POST",
   "Headers" -> {"Authorization" -> 
      "Bearer 0/123456789abcdef"},
   "Body" -> {"username" -> "myusername", "password" -> "mypwd"}

This assumes that there is a need for a username and pwd, You may not need a body if you don't need the login.

I hope this helps.



Posted 1 month ago

That's fantastic. Problem solved, thank you very much.

For anyone who finds this thread whilst trying to contact Asana, the following works:

req = HTTPRequest[ "", <|Method -> "Get", "Headers" -> {"Authorization" -> "Bearer 0/abc123"}|>]


Please note, Asana requires a Get rather than a Post, hence the change to Neil's code. Also, using the Personal Access Token (PAT) means that you don't need to send the username and password

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