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Meaning of "[EXPERIMENTAL]"?

Posted 2 months ago
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Dear all,

the title says it already: With MM v12.0 again we see a wealth of new functions (and to me this always feels a bit like Xmas) . What strikes me is that there seem to be surprisingly many functions qualified as "[EXPERIMENTAL]". What specifically does that mean?

Regard -- Henrik

5 Replies

I think it means, that the syntax/name might change over time…

Hi Sander, thank you for your response! Well - that is my suspicion, too, but it is just a suspicion. As a consequence code containing those function would be apt to break in future versions. This is not unimportant to know - therefore my question. Regards -- Henrik

E.g. NumericArray is "[EXPERIMENTAL]"... enter image description here

I am somewhat surprised, though.

Basically it is now only a storage-container, doing any computation on it by now is not yet possible I think…

1 + na

doesn't even work…

The plan it to get all numerical function working in the next releases… It is for a good reason experimental still…

In the documentation you see that approaching elements of NumericArray systematically is by using Part, therefore the only way of implementing 1+na is using a loop (that generates lists) for example

na = NumericArray[Range[10], "UnsignedInteger8"]; NumericArray[
 Table[Part[na, i] + 1, {i, 10}], "UnsignedInteger8"]


    NumericArray[Table[na[[i]] + 1, {i, 10}], "UnsignedInteger8"]

quite disappointing I would say

Even functions such as Fold or SequenceFold do not work with NumericArray (not to say the so basic function Map as you mentioned).

Pattern Matching also cannot be used with NumericArray

I certainly hope it will be changed in the future

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