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Animation won't show moving lines, only their endpoints

Posted 11 years ago
Hi there, I'm working on a dynamics project modeling a trebuchet in Mathematica.  In the final output stage, I can't get my animation to actually draw the Graphics Line object properly.  It only displays the endpoints of the line.  Changing the style of the line only changes the points.  Static items work fine, it only affects the ones that are moving in the animation.  Other things like circles are just fine.  Any tips?
POSTED BY: John Taseff
It seems like there is a bug in the code generating your lines.  Sometimes what works fine in the Global context may not work fine in other contexts like that created by a DynamicModule.  This problem is more common when you have mix of Global and Local variables in a DynamicModule.  

Another thing to check is whether you are localizing variables in Module or Block and then trying for these local variables to have a Dynamic behavior; that is to say, make sure that variables that will be updated dynamically are either Global variables or variables localized in a DynamicModule.  
Finally, quitting the Kernel may also clear previous definitions or assignments that may be part of the problem.
POSTED BY: Ariel Sepulveda
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