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Internal dosimetry: BIOKMOD WEB expanded including ICRP I30/134/137 models

Posted 1 month ago
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I inform people interesting in Internal Dosimetry and Health Physics used in Radiation Protection that BIOKMOD WEB (a web application developed using web Mathematica ) has been expanded to include the newest ICRP 130/134/137 biokinetic models. It can be used to internal dosimetry and bioassay evaluation. According to my knowledges it is the only web application that use the ICRP 130/134/137 biokinetic models to bioassay evalution. Apart from Single or Acute intake, chronic and chronic that cease intake can be assumed.
Visit: :> ICRP 130/134/137 models. Please, If you have some comments send me an e-mail: guillermo2046(at)

Guillermo Sánchez

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