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Pattern matching - how to match on a number greater than or less than X

Posted 10 years ago
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In the example list belowe how should I construct the pattern matching to remove any item where position 4 is greater than 20000?

listX = {{m,b,24,14000},{f,b,29,14000},{m,w,72,67000},{m,b,45,84000},{m,w,67,17000},{f,w,54,4000}};

I thought it would be something like DeleteCases[listX,{_,_,_,x_>20000}] but that doesn't work.  Does pattern matching only work on exact matches only?

Thanks for your help - greatly appreciated!
POSTED BY: Tim Heger
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago
Worked perfectly!

Thanks for your help!
POSTED BY: Tim Heger
DeleteCases[listX, {_, _, _, x_} /; x > 20000]
I think you have to match the pattern, then test it.
POSTED BY: C ormullion
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