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Get GeoPositions via Free Wolfram Engine for Developers and KnowledgeBase?

Posted 1 month ago
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I'm starting to experiment with the Free Wolfram Engine for Developers. Following Stephen's introductory book, I've tried the following command: Interpreter["Location"]["Zurich"] The output is different from what I expected from the book. The book suggests that I should get a 'GeoPosition', while I get an 'Entity[City, ...]' and precisely Entity[City, {Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland}] While as a city the response is correct I was surprised by the difference. I checked in the Wolfram Cloud and there I get a 'GeoPosition' as expected.

Are there limitations to the KnowledgeBase accessible from the Free Wolfram Engine for Developers?

Regards, Fede

2 Replies

I'm not sure if that is a bug or not, what happens if you ask for:

Entity["City", {"Zurich", "Zurich", "Switzerland"}]["Position"]


Posted 1 month ago

That give the expected 'GeoPosition' result.

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