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connecting TradingCharts ?

Posted 11 years ago
Hi Everyone
I've transformed lists of strings to be appropriate for TradingChart  {{{YYYY, MM, DD}, {O, H, L,C,V}}......} and made some changes with a function for plotting
these data:
 strzala[{{xmin_, xmax_}, {ymin_, ymax_}}, {o_, h_, l_, c_},
   metoda_] := {Line[{{(xmin + xmax)/2, o}, {(xmin + xmax)/2, c}}],
   Line[{{{xmin, o}, {(xmin + xmax)/2, o}, {(xmin + xmax)/2,
       If[o < c, l, h]}}, {{xmax, c}, {(xmin + xmax)/2,
       c}, {(xmin + xmax)/2, If[o < c, h, l]}}}]}
 CandlestickChart[list, Axes -> True, GridLines -> Automatic,
  AspectRatio -> 0.4, ImageSize -> 440, BarSpacing -> Automatic,
TrendStyle -> {Green, Red}, ChartBaseStyle -> AbsoluteThickness[1],
ChartElementFunction -> strzala, PlotLabel -> "Moja wersja",
BaseStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Helvetica"}]

However, I'd like to add a subplot, which contains date for volume (v) taken from the lists, and it is welded in that way like
. And I do not know how to achieve this.
POSTED BY: Artur Kotarski
3 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Thanks for clue . What are these "Graphics primitives" ? Where can i find more about that ?
POSTED BY: Artur Kotarski
To make something like this, a good first step would be to make both the plot and the subplot and then to put them together using a GraphicsColumn.

GraphicsColumn will make it easy, but it may be difficult to get things sized correctly. I can imagine that if I were making something similar, I might try writing it from scratch using Graphics primitives so that I had total control over everything. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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