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Extract specific parameter from the output in SystemModeler?

Posted 1 month ago
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Hi, I have a pulse stimulus with lambda as one of the parameters. I want to extract the lambda value and pass it through a CombiTable block that has [lambda, sensitivity] values, and then multiply the sensitivity value of the corresponding lambda with the amplitude of the pulse and send as the new output. For instance,

Pulse [amplitude= 1000; lambda= 400] ---> CombiTable1D{ table =[ lamda, sensitivity;

300, 0.1;
350, 0.25;
400, 0.5 ; .....;] } ---> output y= Pulse [ Amplitude= 1000 * 0.5]

Thanks Lakshmi


I really do not understand what you want. Maybe post a drawing or an example. or use the code button in the upper left corner and post a model from WSM or attach a model.



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