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Urgent: Temporary Consulting Services Needed

Posted 3 years ago
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Consulting is needed for small sized company providing actuarial and data science consulting services to insurance companies in the GCC and Pakistan.

The company has an old code base which is written in Wolfram language by a former employee. The primary role is to do ETL data to an SQL Server. The data cleaning and transformation is performed in Wolfram language and then loaded into SQL Server using "DatabaseLink`". The code also perform several analysis tasks by automating the generation of some very large queries in SQL and visualization. The queries are generated in Wolfram language then send to SQL Server for execution and results returned back and analysed.

The code seems to be working correctly but the company's client has recently changed the data structure and thus the code requires modification to work again. Unfortunately there is no one currently on the company's team with sufficient Wolfram language expertise.

The code base contains few pages of Wolfram language code together with dynamic SQL mixed. In addition, there are several StringExpression and RegularExpression in the ETL portion of the code.

The company is looking for a temporary consultant with Wolfram language and SQL expertise that can help them modify the code to make it work on the current dataset. The consultant will have the necessary expertise to move the company from this temporary phase of disruption.

If anyone is interested please reply back on my email. Please state how much will you charge for the service? The company doesn't need a full code rewrite but somebody to understand the code and make necessary changes to make it work on the new dataset.

Do you have consultants who can be available in Pakistan (preferable) or UAE to provide the service on site? Also what will be the difference in charges if the company go for remote consulting instead of on site. Will you charge on hourly bases or lump sum for the project?

You can answer privately on my email:

POSTED BY: Muhammad Ali
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