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Use a function from the Wolfram Function Repository?

Posted 11 days ago
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I am unable to use the functions in the repository. I go to the WFW and select a function, such as "HessianDeterminant". I don't see any instructions regarding what to do. There seems to be a clipboard button attached to the function name, which I click on; then I can paste


into my notebook (Version 12 running on a MacBook). I execute the cell and get an error message:


Now I'm flummoxed. What to do?


4 Replies

Very strange. HessianDeterminant works fine for me! (v12 on Mac).



work for you?

Posted 8 days ago

I just tried CloudConnect[] and it worked. And now ResourceFunction["HessianDeterminant"] works too! Thank you.

Do you think this means I need to run CloudConnect[] first in each session?

For me, I think, this is done automatically… but glad it works now…

This is still all "clear as mud", at least to this (rather Mathematicaly experienced user).

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