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Get bordering entities of administrative division entities?

Posted 12 days ago
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Hi everyone,

Do anyone know how to get a list of bordering entities from an administrative division entity? There are two properties, "BorderingCounties" and "BorderingStates", and both just returns Missing[NotAvailable] when I try to use them:

In[]: Entity["AdministrativeDivision", {"Stockholm", "Stockholm", "Sweden"}]["BorderingCounties"]
Out[]: Missing["NotAvailable"]

It seems like the information is available from Wolfram|Alpha though, I could for example use:

In[]: WolframAlpha["Stockholm Municipality", {{"BorderingEntities:AdministrativeDivisionData", 1},  "ComputableData"}, InputAssumptions -> {"*MC.%7E-_*AdministrativeDivision-"}]
Out[]: {{"divisions: ", {"Ekerö", "Huddinge", "Järfälla", "Nacka", "Sollentuna", "Solna", "Sundbyberg", "Tyresö"}}}

But the syntax for the input assumptions in the call is weird to say the least, so it is hard to generalize. If the information is present in Wolfram|Alpha I was hoping that you could also get it through the much easier to use entity framework, but I haven't found a solution.

Does anyone know if this can be done?


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