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Poster on Statistics in Wolfram Language and Mathematica

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a poster on Statistics in Mathematica and Wolfram Language which I have designed recently.

The beautiful layout of the poster is due to my colleague, Henry Kwong.

The motivation for preparing such a poster came from several directions:
  • We live in a world that is ruled by data and hence a basic knowledge of Statistics, including an appreciation of its historical roots in the works of Laplace and others, seems like an essential part of a modern education.
  • There is an impressive collection of demonstrations and training courses related to this functionality which should be of help to users at all levels.
  • Careers in Statistics, particularly in Actuarial Science and related fields, can be intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding for the younger generation.
I hope that you will find the poster useful and that you will enjoy clicking on the links to information.

Any comments are, of course, very welcome.

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Devendra Kapadia
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