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[WSS19]Sibyl Rose Paper: network specification, Crowdsourcing & Blockchains

Sibyl Rose Paper: network specification [draft preview]


Sibyl Rose Paper

"Sibyl": Non-Computable Facts - Answer Crowdsourcing & Work Management with Blockchains, a WSS-19 Project

Goal: A framework for distributed work and human resource management.

Wolfram Language Function: HumanEvaluate A function to source content from distributed contributors, leveraging blockchain transactions to compensate contributors and maintain work provenance.

Summary of Results

An implementable architecture for distributed work and worker management has been designed. The current design leverages the most current and stable standards and protocols. Sibyl is intended to evolve through smart contracts and Wolfram Language enabled cloud infrastructure.

Future Work

Where The DAO promised a generalize solution for the concept of "VC". Sibyl is meant to allow a modern organization to scale exponentially, to start.

  • Validate Design, use Smart Contracts for internal processes
  • Deploy HD Wallets transparently to Yoga+ application users
  • Automate Smart Contract Curation and associated dApp/Web Apps
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