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How to get the name of combination that formed the resultant matrix?

Posted 11 days ago
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For example, I have 3 matrices: enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I constructed a resultant matrix with first column input as A+B, second column as B+C and third column as C+A. The resultant matrix=enter image description here ----> Yellow column as A+B, Orange column as B+C, Blue column as C+A

I would like to check if all the entries in the yellow/orange and blue columns in the resultant matrix are equal to a certain value (e.g. 2). If the answer is yes, return the name of the combination that resulted in this column.

For example, all the entries in the yellow and blue columns are equal to 2, the answer should be (A+B) and (A+C) Attached my original matrix and coding

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