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SystemModeler functionality in the V12 Mathematica distro for RasPi?

Posted 9 months ago
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I recently discovered that my full version of V12 for Mac has at least a good subset of SystemModeler functionality now included in the Mathematica package. When I loaded the new V12 for the Raspberry Pi, it appeared that SystemModeler was not included in that distro. Can that package be loaded, or is it planned to be included? I personally don't need it on the Pi, but some STEM students might find it useful.


2 Replies

I fully concur. System Modeler functionality in combination with "physical computing" on the Pi would make an absolute killer application in STEM education.


There are currently no active plans to include the full WL system modeling functionality on Raspberry Pi, mostly because of the large effort that would be required in porting all the components and dependencies it uses to ARM.

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