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Blocky cursor on Linux Fedora in Mathematica 9.0.1

Posted 11 years ago
hi, I have M installed since ages - currently on under Linux Fedora 19 (KDE).
Everything was running smoothly as usual, until today when I setup a 2nd monitor.
Now in Mathematica whenever the cursor is in a notebook, it changes to a big gray square - I realize that it is possibly a OS-related question, but M is the only application having this problem, so I thought to ask you, maybe somebody else encountered this problem before...
thank you!
POSTED BY: alexxx Magni
3 Replies
So my next thought would be to check the video card / driver. Are you using an nvidia driver? If so, are you using the 319 driver? I've seen a number of issues with the 304 nvidia driver and have found that they are mostly fixed in the 319 driver.
POSTED BY: Jason Grigsby
Posted 11 years ago
a late reply due to christmas holdays!

Thank you for the suggestions but no, neither did the trick - the hideous blocky cursor is always there...
POSTED BY: Updating Name
You might try a clean start:

    mathematica -cleanstart

or using the mesa driver:

    mathematica -mesa
POSTED BY: Jason Grigsby
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